Ski Holidays in Slovakia

Slovakia Ski Holidays

In the heart of Europe, Slovakia is fast becoming a very popular destination for ski and winter holidays.

Bordering Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraina, the country is a perfect array of natural beauty and charm.

There are some excellent ski resorts and areas in Slovakia that make perfect destinations for you to enjoy skiing and winter sports.

The High Tatras is the smallest mountain range in Europe, but packed with beautiful lakes, peaks and immense natural beauty.

The Low Tatras is located directly across from the High Tatras and is home to beautiful slopes, traditional mountain villages, forests and lots of gorgeous scenery and landscapes all around.

The two Tatras regions are great for ski and winter sports, and are beginning to attract large numbers of visitors each year who come to enjoy the great slopes and beautiful scenery. If you are looking for a unique ski holiday destination, then Slovakia could be just what you are searching for.

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